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5 Minute Lazy Bibimbap Recipe – Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe …

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  1. I watched a bunch of your videos this weekend and raided my local Korean store, I was feeling a bit depressi and lazy tonight and wasn't going to eat anything then remembered I had everything to make your soon tofu, whipped it up in less than a minute and feel a bit better now I did the smallest amount of self care for myself today, thank you! 💖

  2. Watching and using your recipes since 2016. Back when I didn’t know a single recipe and just went vegan you were my saviour. Loved the bibimbap recipe ❤️

  3. So I have been making my own kimchi because I have a severe shellfish allergy and found that there is still a risk of cross contact in kimchi that’s labeled vegan.

  4. What I need is a list that I can take to my local Asian store and hand to somebody and ask for help. I have a whole file just for screenshots right now. 😅 I lived in Korea for 3 1/2 years and fell in love with the food when I was in elementary school. But I am lost when I go to look for specific pantry staples. Help!

  5. I'm slowly getting into soft Tofu and the last dish has definitely motivated me to embrace it. Thank you once again 😋 🌱💚

  6. Love your videos. I know you're Korean but could you try African, Mexican, Vietnamese etc vegan recipes?? I specifically like to see you do egusi vegan soup with fufu, it looks so good so I wanted your take on how to make it easy and what you think about it.

  7. Among the food culture of Korea, special things that distinguish it from the food culture of other countries. //
    1. Perfect vegan food represented by Korean Buddhist temple food
    2. An endless variety of soup dishes
    3. Kimchi: Vegetables fermented with animal protein represented by cabbage kimchi. In the past, only Koreans made and ate it. There are over 800 types of kimchi.
    4. Jeotgal: A fermented animal-based sauce made from seafood. In Korea, there are more than 140 different types of salted fish.
    5. Ssam: It means wrapping all the ingredients you want to eat in various leafy vegetables represented by lettuce. However, unlike burritos, you have to swallow them in one bite, so you need to adjust the amount of ingredients to be wrapped appropriately.
    6. Herbal Medicine Ingredients : Herbal medicine ingredients are not only eaten for special diseases or health, but are also often used for general home cooking. For example, as ingredients for Samgye-tang, Mulberry, Tree Aralia, Eleutherococcus Sessiliflorus, Mongolian Milkvetch, Korean Angelica, Ginger, Jujube and Korean Ginseng are used.
    7. Namul : South Korea is the country that eats the most dishes made with only vegetables without meat and seafood protein. Namul are foods made with one edible plant as the main ingredient. Examples of the types of Namul include Shepherd's Purse, Stringy Stonecrop, Korean Angelica-tree, Korean Wild Chive, Butterbur, Bracken, Doellingeria Scabra, Bamboo Shoot, Chamnamul and Cirsium Setidens.
    // Etc… Korea shows a distinctly different food culture from neighboring countries in Far East Asia (China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Japan).

  8. Omg! I did the salad for tonight and it was amazing, cheap and easy. Getting my veggies in as a vegan are so important to me, and these quick meals make sure I get my daily foods.

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