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5 PALEO-BASED BREAKFAST IDEAS (Fast, Healthy, + Easy) // TessaRenéeTR

hey guys! Here are my 5 FAVORITE Paleo-Based, healthy, fast and easy breakfast ideas! These are how I avoid bloating and keep my abs cut! I hope you try …

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  1. Hey Tessa! I found your channel not to long ago and I LOVE watching your videos! I just wanted to ask for your opinion, do you think 2 meals a day is too little? I usually include healthy fats in my meals so maybe that’s why I eat so little since they keep me full for a long time, but I do eat when I feel hungry and I never starve myself. Please reply!!!

  2. What I love the most about this video is that it was requested and just a couple of days ago. It's so sweet how much attention you pay to the comments, love! 💕

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