5 QUICK and EASY Intermittent Fasting Break-Fast Ideas

5 QUICK and EASY Intermittent Fasting Break-Fast Ideas [How to Break a Fast] How do you break an intermittent fast for best results? Today, I’m sharing 5 super …

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  1. Just had the blueberry banana chia seed smoothie and I have ALL THIS ENERGY plus it was excellent!!! Getting excited about this Autumn!! TY again!! 👍🏼🙌🏼🙏🏻💛

  2. Hi Autumn! I’ m very interested in your videos… they are great and you are so nice and competent…but I ‘ve got a problem…I’m Italian and although I can speak a quite good English, sometimes I don’t understand complete.y what you are sayng…I miss some words…often key words I’m afraid….😩😩😩😩 Maybe you could be so kind to speak slower…I know it won’ t be so easy….thank you in advance and anyway… you and your channel arefantastic…😘🌹

  3. one of my go-to breakfast meals is 1/2 C cottage cheese + 1/2 chopped red bell pepper + 2 T raw pepitas along with fresh ground black pepper. I sometimes replace the chopped red pepper with halved grape tomatoes.

  4. once I gave chance to full-fat yogurt which I actually had in my younger days ( my grandparents actually used to consume full-fat sheep milk yogurt; it's 6-7% fat so don't be scared ) I felt much better as far as it came to digestion. I've been doing OMAD for quite some time now and I aim to keep it balanced around protein,carbs,fat; not a big fan of keto I felt I can't handle that much fat. In addition, despite being Greek and living in Greece where there's a plethora of yogurt to choose from, for instance strained or not strained, full-fat or low-fat, cow or goat or sheep or buffalo milk yogurt, the mass production of dairy gave me the impression the quality of nutrients in the products has decreased. I actually never had goat or buffalo milk yogurt but certainly sheep milk yogurt is the way for me to go ( big props to my father also who was keen on me giving it a go ). Last but not least, sheep milk yogurt is considered to be more nutrient dense according to various studies compared to others.

  5. I always make your smoothies (my favorite are the coffee cinnamon and blueberry coconut ones). They are very tasty and I always feel fulfilled. Since I am very busy, I aways make 4-5 smoothies in mason jars and put them the the freezer for the week days. I always grab one on my way out. I personally prefer them with frozen chunks .. and I always have shredded coconuts and cocoa nibs to add when serving. Yummm

  6. Thanks so much lovely !!! Can you tell when is the best time to drink bulletproof coffee with butter or milky tea ( here in England 🤭🤪) for effective weight loss . Right After meal ? Or between meals?. I trying to have 2 meals . Thanks a lot ! We love you ! Hugs from England 💕xxxx

  7. I’m not a fan of smoothies. Don’t like drinking calories. I feel more full and satisfied with actual food. I’m a negative Nancy today. Don’t like having “dessert” like foods for breakfast. Now, that 3rd meal is right up my alley. ( Except getting / having avocados is a science, art form and luck ).

  8. Anyone is afraid of eating avocado or only me? I just don’t want to trade the calories for my fish with avocado. May be that’s the treason I don’t lose any weight:((((

  9. Hi, Autumn great video! Is there anything I can substitute the avocado with? I have tried so many ways to eat avocado but I really don't like it so another option to have with eggs would be appreciated. I might be able to do a smoothie with avocado if there are some good ingredients to mask the taste.

  10. The scrambled eggs with avocado is my go to when breaking my fast. I add spinach as well. I try to have my smoothie as my snack in the afternoon, but sometimes I might break my fast with one. Great information.

  11. 🌸🌺⚘🌻 Thanks Autumn!! 🌞
    Good meal planning is a joyful way to get through the fasting window because the reward can be so yummy & fortifying (like your videos are 😊) 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️🥑🍳
    Enjoy the rest of the week! Cheers!! 🕊

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