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5 QUICK HEALTHY BREAKFASTS FOR WEEKDAYS – less than 5 min, easy recipe ideas!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you 5 quick healthy breakfast ideas for 2019 – these are easy and simple recipes that are perfect for busy weekday mornings …

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  3. Omg the delicacy of these meals. I need like an hour just to eat them. And half hour to make them. So I need to get up at like 6am if I wanna be at work at 8?? Hell mo

  4. I have a question and can someone plz answer it,
    If I don’t have a toaster is there any other way to make my roasts hardened u know what I mean, like crunchy u know

  5. I am obsessed with your videos ❤️ Thankyou for making everything look and do so easily. I am loving to make my own food now easily with you lovely easy recipes. ❤️❤️

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