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Our friend JP was in the kitchen today blowing our minds with his amazing creativeness and love for all Irish ingredients!! His ability and knowledge know no …

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  1. Comments about the Pears interrupting their guest doesn’t get the rhythm of the Irish conversation phenomenon. I’m pretty sure he couldn’t give a sh#t and that he’s reveling in their enthusiasm

  2. Amazing guest…but please let your guest speak, with out interrupting him. Talk about a frustrating video…such a wealth of information that could be learned, except the two hosts kept steamrolling over everything he was trying to say.

  3. 2:38 in, and this is getting on my nerves, so much so, I don’t want to finish the video (even after reading all the glowing comments below). Ok, Cranky here: when was the last time the guest washed his hair?

  4. His Michelin star has nothing to do with veganism. One look at his menu dispels any allusion your title makes to that. He appeared to edit himself quite a bit which leads me to suspect these vegan ingredients are usually added to carcasses. I just wish you had been less pretentious more honest with your delivery on this video.

  5. Do your guest the courtesy of allowing him to finish a sentence? You are both very excited – I appreciate that with a Michelin star guest, but you end up cutting him off throughout. My dad would say "you have two ears and one mouth – use them in that ratio" and there are two of you. Great video nevertheless. Cheers.

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