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5 Simple Reasons to Go Vegan + Beginner's Tips

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  1. I'm speechless, this is AMAZING, LIFE-changing, IMPORTANT, HEARTFELT, BEAUTIFUL, INFORMATIVE, INFLUENTIAL, extremely HELPFUL video for HUMANITY. NAMASTE, Kristina. Thank you for always being such a ENLIGHTENING reflection of my precious SELF, For WE ARE ALL ONE. TOGETHER we manifest a "NEW EARTH" thriving on INFINITE LOVE, passionate love, compassion, Peace and abundant prosperity for ALL.

  2. At 16 I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety, and chronic depression- accompanied by insomnia. Since starting my raw/vegan transition, I noticed a significant improvement- my mood has stabilized SO MUCH and I’m no longer depressed, I have sleep problems still but not hardly as bad. Just saying haha, I think mental health is a WAY underrated reason ♥️

  3. I’ve never been so proud to be eating a HUGE colorful salad, the worst part is people who look at me eating a fresh, healthy, tasty meal and say they give me props for “eating healthy” because they could never. The animal cruelty you mentioned and showed here literally made me start crying 😅 it’s horrifying and heartbreaking. I just discovered you on Instagram while looking for vegan recipes and now I already want to transition raw ♥️♥️

  4. Thank you for constantly inspiring and motivating us with heartfelt advice, great recipes and beautifully displayed content! Well done-Colorful, exciting, concise…it is motivation for me!!

  5. Kristina, are literally one of the most powerful souls on the planet…with no doubt, you are on a purposeful mission oriented life and your example has allowed so many people around the world to experience health and wellbeing and inspiration……Thank you eternally

  6. The energy is high these days. A time to let go of fixed patterns, and ideas of how things should be. A time to face our darkness… our guilt and our shame… unashamed. We are not alone.

  7. Hey I'm a vegetarian hoping to be vegan and Christina is sooooo right!! I'm sharing these reasons when ppl ask me why I'm vegetarian I luv u😘😘😘

  8. this video is really good and informative but im from India and I have never heard about people eating dogs and even pork is not very famous (though it is served) because it is prohibited in Islam. No hate just giving constructive criticism

  9. I received financial aide to go to Solebury School in New Hope Pa ..a private school..I did not pay to go there based on my intellectual testing. I also received numbers of scholarships and offers to go to college. I was one of the best students that studied at Curtis Institute Of Music with the lowest acceptance rate in the USA…I am a composer…they told me that I was one of the best students ever..including Settlement Music School…Does anyone listen to me about nutrition? I love astro phyics, poetry, Shakespeare, reading everything, sciences, nutrition, health, music, art, literature…I am a raw foodist, not a vegan…is anyone impressed with me? No one listens to people who read constantly about every subject including Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology. Being a well-rounded person is what is important to me. I was also a competitive athlete..does anyone care? No.

  10. Dear omnivores : You dont have to eat only raw produce to eat a plant based diet. You can make chili, buddha bowls, pizzas, soups, pasta, stir frys etc

  11. I began a vegan diet lifestyle not yet raw vegan for health like you said , personally it’s a Spiritual faith journey side by side as found in Sacred Scripture the book of Genesis where “nothing of blood must be Eaten “.

  12. I plan to go on a "February Fast" which will challenge me to be raw vegan. I already try to eat plant-based but sometimes I est a lot of vegan junk processed food. So I definitely will binge watch some recipes videos so I can be prepared and succeed in this fast

  13. Hi Kristina ! I’m 62 and scared I have diabetes, it runs on both sides of my family. My right foot is going numb in the evening. Do you think if I start going raw it will be fine . I don’t want to get that. I’m scared to go get checked.

  14. Going vegan is not easy i do it once a week that diet, but your produce raw diet place look great. But I do put veggies on my shopping cart daily. I also juice but I am looking to get another juice so I will try the raw Kristina diet

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