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  1. Lol goat's cheese makes it sound like it belongs to the goat like it's her cheese I say goat cheese am I wrong I guess I don't say cow cheese but I would say sheep cheese

  2. My fav is roti and jam. Any jam will do, you take a warm roti and spread jam on it and roll it up. Eat with a nice cup of tea. Heaven. Too bad I can't eat it anymore.😢

  3. fromage de chèvre is how it's sold here in Quebec, which if you want the direct word for word translation is technically cheese of goat, but the labels say fromage de chèvre/goat cheese. The cheese and pickle roll up reminds me of pinwheel sandwiches that were party food in my family. Cream cheese on fresh long sliced bread (ie the length of the loaf not regular slices) with either olives or chopped pickles, and then rolled up, chilled until firm, and then sliced.

  4. Hi Beryl, in Brazil we eat a dumpling of Portuguese origin called Bolinho de Bacalhau – codfish.

    The basic recipe has these INGREDIENTS

    250 g of cod

    250 g of potato

    2 tablespoons of wheat flour

    1 chopped onion

    2 chopped garlic cloves

    3 tablespoons of oil

    1 cup (tea) of breadcrumbs

    ½ cup of chopped parsley

    1 liter of oil

    salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

    The salted cod is placed in a pan with olive oil and the garlic and onion are fried, then the shredded bacalahu is added and seasoned with black pepper and salt if necessary. wheat, if you make the dumplings, pass them in breadcrumbs and fried.

    To eat, the normal thing is to open the cake a little and put olive oil on it.

    It has how-to videos. Reading this and watching the video there is no mistake.

  5. Beryl I was definitely able to take your pickle wraps rec ipes to the next level, using stuff that I had in my fridge today. I took one of the garlic pickle dills in my fridge, cut it in half, then laid out several thin slices of finochio salami (peppery fennel flavoured salami), spread it with some Boursin Garlic and Herbs goat cheese (miraculous choice), ands rolled up the half pickles in the finocchio salami spread with Boursin cheese……………. hmmmmmmmm, great!
    Pure ambrosia in the world of pickles, cream cheese, salami universe!

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