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5 Strawberry Recipes To Make Date Night Extra Special • Tasty

Try these easy Valentine’s Day dessert recipes! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to Tasty: About …

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  1. Si I just made this and so far I am disappointed. The cake was still under cooked so put it back in the oven. The cream cheese mixture isn't smooth like yours, it's curdled so I tried using a mixer to try and smooth it out; nope, that didn't work. So now I am waiting for the cake to finish cooking and I'm not sure if I shopuld let it cool first or make the holes right away and pour the mixture in.

  2. Right now I have guests and I'm starving myself till they leave, what kind of videos do I watch while waiting? THE EXACT RECIPES THAT MAKE YOU HUNGRIER

  3. PLEASE Make a chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream recipe! 🥺👌👍🥺👌👍.

    Who am I kidding they aren’t gonna make that.
    I’m sad😭

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