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5 VEGAN FISH RECIPES (Perfect for if you've just watched Seaspiracy!)

An excellent, thought-provoking documentary by the name of ‘Seaspiracy’ landed on Netflix recently, and it’s seemed to be a very popular watch! If you haven’t …

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  1. Just watched Seaspiracy and decided to quit eating fish once and for all, so these recipes are much needed 😁 Thanks for the inspiration! Do you have some recipes for good vegan sushi? I think I'll miss that the most…

  2. I'd really like to watch 'Seaspiracy', but don't have Netflix πŸ™ Anyway, these recipes are great for showing people you don't need to hurt sea life to have amazing dishes πŸ™‚

  3. Yo deje de comer pescado al ver el docu, solo me faltaba deja el pescado y y ya estΓ‘. Hace un mes que solo como plant based
    Thanks your videos are excellent. Iam improve too Much. My English is horrible, sorry.
    Your recipes are deliciuos

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