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6 HEALTHY HABITS FOR 2021 ✨ easy + effective

Ready to make 2021 a healthy + happy year? Here are 6 simple and effective healthy habits for 2021 that won’t take much time to start, but will help you so much …

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  3. I memorized your tips❤️
    1) hydration
    2) spending time out side atleast 15 min
    3) eating more plant based food
    4) getting 7-8 hours of sleep
    5) finding something fun
    6) digital detox

  4. My sleep is so messed up from being a nurse; especially right now with extra shifts and hours added to the day. Other than that I think I am doing pretty well! I got an e-reader and have been reading so much more since getting it! Brings me joy

  5. I definitely need to get out more. Funny how I’m from Indonesia but I don’t spend many time outside. Most of this is because of my schedule and weird sleep habit, I do spend time outside in the weekends but I think I need more! Also need to eat more variety of plants! 😛

  6. I do need your help or at least advice. How do I incorporate flakes nutritional yeast into my food. I bought it because I ate some kale chips that said "cheese" on the bag and it was a wonderful combination of ground cashews and nutritional yeast. Can I apply it to other foods or in a recipe with out the use of dairy. Thank you

  7. Thank you for sharing these practical and sensible tips. I admit I struggle to drink enough water each day but I've upped my tea drinking!!! lol I'm so pleased I found your channel: you're so lovely and have inspired me to become a vegetarian. Take care and stay safe. Jan x

  8. YES TO GETTING OUTSIDE EVERYDAY!!! I make excuses ALL the time about how cold it is outside (im in nyc) but even when its cold, when I come back from the walk, I feel SO much better!!

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