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fada ni khichdi recipe: hariyali sabudana khichdi recipe: …

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  1. Lovely tempting quick one-pot dishes. Never imagined khichdi recipes to be so tasty. In this period of lockdown, your recipes show the best optimum use of limited resources without compromising on taste with mouth watering varieties. God bless Hebbers Kitchen. 😊

  2. I just googled.
    100 gm white rice:200 calories approx
    100 gm brown rice:100-120 calories
    100 gm Sabudana dry: 340-50 calories.
    Am I wrong?

  3. I like your all the recipes but aap jab bhi pan me koi sabzi ya fil dal banate ho tab pure pan me fell jata h toh wo bilkul achha nahi lagta ….. and other hand aap bohot acchi aur tasty recipe banate ho….

  4. Sabudana Khichdi – At d end, Uve to cover and steam for at least 5-7 min for every sabudana to look opaque and non-white. Only then, khichdi will taste @ it’s peak and totally awesome .. 😬

  5. I just made your masala khichdi last night for dinner! It’s so good and I’ve made it so many times I could prepare it in my sleep. It’s tasty, healthy, and keeps you feeling satisfied for hours. Thank you for updating my recipe box with other khichdi recipes. It’ll be a nice change of pace. Seriously, we eat it at least once a week and I’ve made so many variants based on the vegetables I have when I’m cooking. I’ll try the sabaduna version next. Please keep making these videos. They’ve transformed how my family eats, no exaggeration.

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