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Have you seen how much press vegan food is getting right now? It couldn’t be much more mainstream, but this is just the beginning! Imagine 10 years from …

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  1. Absolutely love your show guys, I'm desperately trying to go vegan and you guys have given me some great ideas and I'm recording every episode. I made a curry using plant based vegan chicken pieces and it was delicious. Thanks guys.

  2. Alternatively: follow the mushroom filling, but also use rice bao dough to make mushroom bao dumplings. Mushroom wellingtons a great appetiser, but prep in three batches and you have a great lunchbox side dish for the week!

  3. I read somewhere that Dijon mustard is not vegan, is this true? It’s something to do with the use of white wine in the mustard and white wine being filtered using animal based fining.

  4. Watched the show today, fantastic to see superb Vegan food at its best being showcased by you guys, truly inspired by recipes, can't wait to try em out for my meat eating friends to see what they think, keep it up guys.

  5. Just watched your telly show on catch up this morning, loved it and got so many ideas! I’m not a fan of roast dinners anyway but yours looked divine 🤤

  6. I have the new Bosh book and I had already planned on making the green shakshuka tomorrow for dinner! 🙌🌱 Made quite a few recipes from the book so far and haven't been disappointed!

  7. Been so looking forward to seeing your new show Living on the Veg but it's not (yet?) available on the ITV Hub…..we can't watch it at the time it's broadcast…. Please say it's not only going to be shown as a live programme 🤞🤞

  8. hey your first tv show was really good ,, fresh down to earth approach easy to follow with a dash of quirky quirky. Healthy fun very modish just like the recipes you shared. Looking forward to the next one already . Nice one guys x

  9. ooooooooooofffff wooooofff wooooffff mmmm yazzzzzzzzz vltradeliciovzzz sexxxxxxy foodzzz 😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛💞💚💚💚👅💦🌰🌱🌿🌶🌽🍅🥕🥔🌮🥗🥙🥥🥛🧂️🥧🥬️🥦🍋🍝🍛💦👅💚💚💚💞

  10. Just watched your show on tv. Well done fellas you truly deserve all your success! Very inspiring. P.s my gouts all cleared up so I’m digging in!

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