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6 meals for $37: DINNERLY MEAL KIT DELIVERY REVIEW! (a Hello Fresh Alternative) | Cook With Me!

This was not a sponsored video. I have always wanted to try having a meal box delivered to my house but I am someone that really enjoy going to the grocery …

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  1. Hey! I'm 66, and was told the same thing about rubbing the end of the cucumber with the end of it, so it won't be bitter. I don't like cucumbers anyway, but I do that when I make them for my family, because (shrug) my Mama told me to! LOL!

  2. Bahaha “I think I was being a smart ass…. “ That’s the moment I immediately hit the subscribe button! We smart asses must stick together.

  3. I thought Dinnerly is just heat and eat products….
    You saved me lot of money….I am never buying that now…local asian grocery store food is more cheaper and fresh than this

  4. Great video. I really enjoy it. I like to try one of this companies that deliver food to your door but i dont know which one.
    Other than that love your video. Love your accent. Cheers from Houston, TX. 👍👍

  5. I love how chill and relatable you are. Your attitude and personality are so lovable 🙂 Thanks for making the video. It’s very helpful for a home cook like me.

  6. Helpful tip, go get yourself some measuring spoons. I believe your using more like a teaspoon amount than a tablespoon amount, likely altering the flavor of many of your dishes 🤍

  7. HI! Was that rice for one portion or two? I believe I heard you say you ordered for two people but just got that one pack that made very little amount? Thanks

  8. I had hello fresh before and the food is very good but very expensive. I will have to try this one for about half the price for my wife and I since we both work and have trouble prepping dinner when we come home.

  9. Good to see you finally got the right implement for the job…."That's not a knife, this is a knife."…lol….😜…I agree cutting onions can be bad, my mother's tip was always remember not to lean over the onion on the cutting board as you cut it. Ps the food looked very tasty.

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