6 Must-Try Vegan Desserts

Go vegan without giving up your favorite desserts! Find more vegan dessert recipes to make at home in the Goodful Cookbook. Order yours online here: …

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  1. Anyone who's tried the cashew cheesecake: does it actually taste like cheesecake? I'm not vegan, but my dad is lactose intolerant and loooves cheesecake. Usually he has a lactate pill but sometimes they don't work. I've wanted to try this recipe but he refuses. He's scared it won't taste like an actual cheesecake, so on a scale of 1-10, how accurate is it?

  2. so – basically jam all fat and sugar content you find together :3 surely it tastes wonderful but example of vegan can be awfully unhealthy too

  3. "use organic to ensure it's vegan" vegan and organic are NOT the same thing. The only way to be sure it's vegan is when it's labelled so. And then again, if you trust the manufacturer.

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