6 Super Easy Appetizers That Are Healthy And Delicious • Tasty

Simple recipes that prove healthy can still be delicious! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. IDK why but my notifications say you just uploaded a video but the time stamp says 3 days ago???? YouTube is sucky now

  2. I don't peel the avocado skin off, I scoop the avocado out.. It gave me some MEGA issues… 😂😂🥑🥑 Greay vid once again..

  3. I guess tasty doesn't realise that sweetend yogurt with artificial flavoring is far from healthy…

  4. Appetizers – No way.. dry toast with strawberries and Avo toast?! 🤣
    Healthy – Meh…
    Tasty – Maybe one or two
    Time/ difficulty – can make an entire meal in those times 😂

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