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7 BASIC Instant Pot Recipes – Perfect for Beginners!

Today I’m sharing with you the 7 of the easiest things to cook in your Instant Pot! Now these are perfect if you are just starting out, or even if you have had an …

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  1. I did 2 potatoes poked holes all over it put it on for 13mins. When it was finished I took them out tried to cut into it and it was still hard. Not sure what I did wrong. 😭

  2. Hi, I do have an insta pot which is a duo. What I don't know how to do with the insta pot the settings the high pressure and low pressure and the settings less, normal, more, how do you switch between them I have done some cooking in the pot and it came out really delicious but it is just those settings I am not sure of. Hope you can help me. Donna

  3. Hello ,,I am a new IP user,,I have a question….I used the pot when the beeper off the Ldidnt come to depressorized….so I let it count up,,,before I took off…was wondering if I did something wrong……thank Diane from Spraggs,Pa..

  4. my instapot does not have a button for pressure cook. After putting the lid on and sealing the time display says ON but I can't adjust the time like 7-8 min and the digital time reads .70 when counting down so this is very confusing as I would think it would be .07 for 7 min. still not comfortable using this as there is really NO detailed instructions for a step by step use>>>>> HELPPPPPPPPP!

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