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7 DAY VEGAN MEAL PLAN | Slimming World Friendly | Tesco Shop £35

Thanks for joining me for another great week of vegan food! Here’s a link to a PDF I’ve made for you, which includes the menu, shopping list and all prep needed …

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  1. I’ve just did week 1 on slimming world and I a vegan and I’ve really struggled getting healthy options a. What do you use for your healthy extra a?

  2. It is great to see a UK vegan Youtuber doing healthy meal plans that also aren't like 'detox smoothies' 'no fat' stuff. It's decent hearty food good for weightloss which is what i was looking for – weightloss friendly recipes as sometimes a lot of recipes are also like higher calories than I can eat due to my underactive thyroid and I'm also not going hard at the gym.

    Plus the prices are very reasonable! Trying to find someone whose from the UK, doing healthy weightloss options for people who aren't gym bunnies and the fact the meals are done on a budget without any hard to find ingredients is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! And when you do find anything close its always recipes that are to me just not something I want to eat every day. I cant stand green smoothies and herbal detox teas/drinks.

    I want everyday realistic recipes and you do that! Like I said it's also nice that you are from the UK because everytime its people from America and half the things they buy just aren't available here or prices are wildly varying from theirs.

  3. Tried to make a previous recipe of yours and bought the wrong type of tofu 🤦 it turns out that roasting silken tofu literally dissolves it. It went in looking good, maybe a bit floppy 😂😂😂, but came out as tiny little, chocolate button sized drops 😂😂😂😂😂 heed my warning people. Do not roast silken tofu 🙅

  4. I'm still signed in on the wrong account but wanted to say thanks for the epic video. You did a great job, especially being unwell through most of it. I really enjoyed it. (Victoria)

  5. Hi. It's really good to see you back on YT. I was following 2 or 3 other vegans on SW diets and they have all stopped doing vids for weeks now. I've been going to class for about 7 months and lost 1.5 st, but I'd lost that by January. Since then I keep yo yoing by about 3 lbs and feel very annoyed with myself…I've lost my mojo and need to get it back.  This video has really encouraged me to get back on track. The meals you do look lovely. I love the curry and also the pea pesto looked great.  I haven't tried Quinoa porridge but used to have cous cous and enjoyed that. There's so much lovely vegan food around now it's really easy to be a vegan but a lot of it is sadly fattening (pizza etc)…Great video, looking forward to more…Freda

  6. Love this video. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm just starting back at slimming world after s long break and this is just what I needed. Please can we have another few like this? Also I hope you are feeling much better xx

  7. This is amazing. Thank you so much. I’m definitely going to do this. I just have one question. I really don’t like courgette or aubergine what would you suggest as a replacement. Thank you

  8. Wow this video was AMAZING! Thank you so much for filming this as so helpful, and you are a legend for continuing even though you were so poorly. Hope you're feeling much better now 😀 Looking forward to more in this series in the future 👍

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