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7 Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas – Quick, Cheap & Healthy!

We share some quick vegan dinner ideas which are simple and delicious. They’re easy to prepare for a weeknight meal, cheap if you’re on a budget, and …

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  1. hey friends! this all looks beautiful. we love tofu and chunky vegetables! i love the paella idea! wow haven't had a paella in years since we became vegan! never thought of veganizing that 😉 it looks so savory and flavorful! and the pita bread pizza idea is so yum too! who doesn't love a veg pizza, right ? 🙂 we love how soft spoken you both are, its so soothing to watch, and i like how you did this video, instead of cooking every meal on the camera, you spoke about it and showed the food….that was very cool! thanks for sharing these ideas 🙂 👌

  2. Great ideas for a quick and easy, yet so healthy dinner 👌
    My favorite is Paella. I always cook it with mushrooms and boiled chickpeas, and I serve it with soy sauce or barbecue sauce. A delish
    Thank you for this video 🙏

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