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7 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Amazing looks, thanks for sharing..
    Could you please advice the replacement of egg in the firt recipe or in any recipe which has an egg?
    You should also make the compilation of Indian healthy food recipes in your way..

  2. Sorry but I didn't get the calories part, like for example you wrote serving per container is 6 then calories per serving is 400, then does it mean that the whole container is 400 or 1 of 6 is 400??

  3. Could you only add new recepies so that it will not be repetitive. Just some thoughts for improving because I have seen some of these before.

  4. Is there a substitute for using an oven? Coz most of us in the asian side use stoves as our main source of cooking.. and I donr have a microwave either so yeah..

  5. I love the fact that we can freeze some of these up to one month ❤❤ I will try the breakfast sandwiches 💙
    Thank you so much for all these simple, clear and easy recipes. Everytime I get lost and dont know what to eat and cook I come to this channel ❤❤🌻🌻

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