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7 Healthy Meal Prep Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

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  1. Im up to like the 3rd recipe so far these all look amazing. I have been trying to lose weight but i always end up giving up and i havent been able to find good healthy recipes. Starting tmr i will be doing the Apple Cider Vinegar drink and working out a bit and enjoying these healthy recipes.

  2. Hi, love your videos. I tried a lot nothing ever worked then i came a cross this channel. Lost 30kg in 1 year time! Love your food and keep up the good work. Greetings from the Netherlands 😉

  3. I wish I could have already cooked rice or any other carbs like in this video, because it takes more time than everything shown in video

  4. is it still good for the quality of food if we cook then we keep it into a fridge for days? thank you 🙂

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