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7 Healthy Mother's Day Recipe Ideas (Japanese Cooking) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)

Make something healthy for your mom 🤗 Stay home, stay safe, eat healthy Apple Roses Easy Sugar-Free Fresh Strawberry …

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  1. ok, so after looooong time following your videos i reunited the bravery to made the apple one for my beloved mother, (im very bad at cooking) and after nearly destroy the poor aple, the kitchen didn't burn by somewhat miracle in the process, finally i could surprise my mother with the apple "rose" (mine was like Alien eggs T_T) cake. Surprisingly it has a good taste (maybe a little burn but it was ok) and my mother was happy, also i learned that wit good will i can do everything (except rose with apple slices… that will need more than that). Thanks Ochikeron!

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