7 popular Thai northern dishes you can't miss! | This is Thailand

There are many different varieties of food in Thailand. Every region has its own unique dishes. There are 4 main types of cuisines …

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  1. Congratulations Nan. One of the very best Thaiger videos yet! We live in the North and many of the dishes you feature are always served at our family get together parties Some other of our real favourites to try – Laab Tod, Banana Flower Salad and Gai Tod Mecuan. Hope to see Nan in Nan one day!

  2. Wow! Kanom Jeen Nam Ngiew! My favorite “soup/stew”. Please don’t forget to mention the “red Cotten tree flowers” aka ngiu งิ้ว an essential ingredient. Delicious 😋 Khop kuhn khrab 🙏🏼🙂

  3. Never knew about these dishes. Very appealing. Thanks for the information. Have a nice weekend and holiday🍲🥗🍚🥘👍

  4. The dish with the PORK blood looks disgusting🤮 I think more of my taste will ENJOY to eat the KANG KHUNUN, have never tried BREADFRUIT, hope I will like it😋🍈

  5. Informative and ably presented. The video could serve as a reference source if in the description box, the names of the dishes could also be given in Thai script – which is what Mark Wiens and Hot Thai Kitchen , two of the most well-known bloggers on Thai cuisine do, as a matter of course. That’s one simple and costless way to promote The Thaiger to a wider audience.

  6. Thanks for the insight into Thai food, I would like to know if you,natty and Jay could taste test kanom jeen nam ya (I know of 5 different styles) and let people know what you thought of them, carmel can also join you, but she might not want to be on camera.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Hummmm… so yummy. I hope to eat them soon. So long time l wait, since 2019. Bon appétit 😋 . Hello from Paris-France to Thailand 🙏🇹🇭🇫🇷

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