7 Quick & Healthy Dessert Ideas for your Sweet Tooth (Indian Dessert Recipes)

7 Quick & Healthy Dessert Ideas for the Week (Indian Dessert Recipes) Buy Mamaearth toxin free face washes – (Use Discount Coupon Code …

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  1. The bowl you have ..
    Is actually a spoon I take …
    I take 10 those big spoons .. i can't control me in front of sweets .. 😭😭😭
    That's why I stay away of it..

  2. Really superb bro even u r telling for hostelites great bro keep on going I have just started to follow you on diet and everything hope I will be fine thanks bro

  3. Nothing can compromise with Bengali Sweets.Though majority are fried in gallons of oil and dipped in buckets of sugar syrup,I will still prefer them.Who doesn't know about Rosogolla(Rasgulla),Sandesh,Langcha,Kheerer Singhara(Kheer Samosa), Patisapta,Pantua(Closely related to Gulab Jamun),Khaja(and the list is endless)?

    That's a joke.I really appreciate your hardwork and dedication.These ideas are great!

  4. Hey… I'm your newest fan. I don't live in India and. Please let us know the storage time of the cooked food in refrigerator and reheat options, especially in microwave. Also, it seems you are using aluminium pans, I've been told they are not good. Thank you n good luck!

  5. Very nice video sir but as a science student I have done ample of research on stevia leaves…. They are good sweetener but gradually damages kidney… So it's better to avoid it…. As alternative rest all r totally fine😊

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