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7 Tasty Fried Chicken Recipes For A Perfect Dinner

Treat yourself to some twists on an old classic as we show you how to make 7 delicious fried chicken recipes! Timestamps 0:07 – Fried Chicken Parmesan …

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  1. You're a pro chef, but the basics to cook you cannot do. I mean like. Why do you cook with a ring on? Is that the first rule of cooking? The hands must be clean and no watches or rings on the hand? Don't upload a video like this if the basics rule of cooking, you cannot do.

  2. Every freaking time they speed through all the seasonings they mix together, I have like 2 or 3 of them in the house, lol. I'm certainly no chief, but I still like to experiment in the kitchen. I'd love to make some of the things in here, but I'd likely modify it so I can use ingredients I'm more familiar with.

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