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8 EASY Air Fryer Recipes for DINNER! → What to Make in Your Air Fryer – Cosori Air Fryer & Philips

Looking for air fryer recipes that take you beyond the usual air fryer fries and fried chicken? You’ve come to the right place! I converted some favorite recipes for …

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  1. I can't wait to get my air fryer and try all these recipes. The stress of cooking is not a factor here it seems and sir frying is healthier apparently

  2. jwr 72 year old male. Thanks for your videos. Food taste great! Even I can figure out how to use and cook in my air fryer that has set for 3 months on my counter because it was a gift and I didn't take the time to use it until I took the time to find a video to cook with it and found yours. Thanks again

  3. Sadly not every air fryer is the same. My brother in law has a Corori air fryer, which I am also familiar with. However, the air fryer my wife and I use is a Ninja air fryer and some of the recipies we've seen on your channel don't work in a Ninja air fryer, the fan strength in a Ninja Air fryer is much stronger than the Cosori. I've tried toasting bread, even attempted grilled cheese..the cheese and bread gets blown around inside the chamber. So out of your recipies we have to sift and pick and choose. To see what potentially could work and what won't have a chance because of the strength of the Ninja air fryer fan. That toothpick bit you did with the cheese on the burger patty, I might attempt that on an air fried grilled cheese.

  4. just got an airfryer as a gift,what i really want is how to cook from frozen out the packet,no fancy stuff like seasoning so on, temps and times,have you got any.

  5. I have been watching all your air fryer recipes and I can say you are the friend I didn't know I have. Keep being awesome 👌🏼❤❤. Love your videos!!

  6. Este uimitor câte rețete preparați cu friteuza cu aer cald, sunteți specială și vă admir!!!Multe tutoriale de pe youtube sunt traduse în limba din țara în care sunt difuzate, dacă ar fi traduse m-aș abona la canalul dumneavoastră!!!

  7. Have you tried to compare your potatoes with the oven ? Make these in the oven like that and they are delicious. Just wondering if you find difference ?

  8. I find a better way to keep it easy cleanup is put aluminum foil down at the bottom then all you do is wad it up toss it away or throw it in the fireplace and let it burn

  9. Great vid! I'm amazed at how many different air fryers you used. It shows that you experimented with different brands and can definitely give great reviews and referrals.

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