Vegan Recipes


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  1. I saw this video when you first uploaded it…. I love simple truth products and that’s why I was excited about watching it. I went and got some of the plant based products… I love them . I mad the pasta, and the cookies… oh my goodness!! 😫 the cookies are so good!! 😋😋😋 …..thank you so much for great recipes.

  2. All of these meals look amazing and easy to make. Your channel is making my decision to go vegan a lot easier. It seemed overwhelming before.

  3. I know you’re vegan, just wondering if you’re child is also vegan? I have started my vegan journey 2 months ago and I’m loving it but I would like to switch my child over as well. I am not certain if you’ve done one already but can you share ideas of what you feed your child?

  4. Your videos are excellent on foods that you eat for a week….My question is if these meal plans provide all your micro/macro nutrients? (Also, I've heard in other vegan videos that vegans need to eat onion every day, and I cannot eat onion, so do you recommend something that will meet the same nutrient load. . . I know in my college Nutrition class, the instructor said we need to eat onion for the nutrients that it provides.)

  5. i love the simple truth brands
    i like the plant based simple truth bake cookies better than the regular simple truth bake cookies & im not vegan
    but i do have certain days i eat vegan or vegetarian

  6. I bought that same berry medley for smoothies but haven't made it yet. My mom and I like another brand of oat milk from Kroger but I saw the brand you featured and I am curious about how it tastes

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