8 Fun and Easy Bake Sale Recipes • Tasty

Need some ideas for the next bake sale? We’ve got you covered with these easy and delicious recipes that’ll sell out in minutes! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. I'm sorry… but the theme of this video is just not working. Frozen drinks? Um… you've got to be kidding. Peanut butter treats? Those are often banned from bake sales due to allergen liability. Glass Jars? That's a disaster waiting to happen. Plus those jars are expensive and difficult to transport.  

    Clearly Tasty doesn't actually know what a bake sale is.

  2. Brownie

    1 1/4 cup sugar, 3/4 cup kakao, 1 1/8 cup melted butter, 1 pck vanille Zucker mischen

    2 Eier eins nach dem andren rein und mischen

    1/2 cup flour und 1/2 tsp salz rein und mischen

    In form bei 160°C für 20 Minuten backen

  3. Someone explain to me what bakesale you know of that allows peanut butter. I would love to go there.
    Apparently natural selection doesn't apply in school.
    Even when some boy keeps taking your lunch and you find out he's severely allergic to peanuts so you specifically bring a peanut butter sandwich to school.
    (I'm just going to say this happened when I was 12, I am 20 years old and still salty about getting in trouble for almost killing a boy who was about to eat my lunch because I had a peanut butter sandwich. Like.. Yea that was the point. Don't steal my lunch and then you won't die.)

  4. I swear to god my heartrate goes through the roof every time I see a kid start playin' in the ingredients.
    Also..big fan of bringing all non-baked goods to the b a k e s a l e

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