9 Easy Snacks You’ll Want To Make Over And Over Again

When that snack attack hits, here are 9 easy snacks that will you want to continue to make everyday and everynight. From hummus to mac and cheese to pizza, …

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  1. Which easy to make snack is your favorite? 😍🌭🌮
    0:10 – Mini Chicken Jalapeño Popper Tacos
    1:09 – Buffalo Beer Can Cauliflower
    1:54 – Shakshuka Hummus
    3:15 – Crispy Buffalo Chicken Pasta Pop
    4:45 – Bacon Mac And Cheese Shots
    5:38 – Ham and Cheese Mash Squares
    6:46 – Pizza Croquettes
    8:16 – Chicken Chorizo Samosas
    9:33 – 3 Layer Dip Taquito Ring

  2. Each and every one of these recipes use cheese. That's basically cheating. Ofc it's gonna taste good,you add unholy amounts of cheese.

  3. shashuka hummus looks great. But I always wonder why always chicken peas are used in hummus, falafels etc, , why not other legumes as well.

  4. I just got done watching a bunch of HowToBasic so I was totally on edge throughout this entire video 😂😂😂

  5. Who watches these, drools, then finds out that you don't have the ingredients to make them?

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