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9 QUICK Dinners – 30 Minutes or Less

Sometimes I don’t love cooking food. Things get crazy by 4:30 and sometimes I just have no idea what we are going to have for dinner! So I thought I would …

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  1. Yes! 30 minute meals! I would really like some that only require the instant pot? I do not like having to have more pots and pans to wash: that is the reason I bought that instapot!

  2. All of these recipes look so wonderful and I'm going to try them all. My husband works hard and he deserves a good meal at the end of the day and I, like you, do not enjoy cooking anymore. These look fabulous and I can hardly wait to try them!

  3. Love these 30 minute meal ideas! I’m exactly like you and always struggled with what to make for dinner around 4:30 time. 30 minutes meals would be great idea for your next cookbook also. I love All your cookbooks!

  4. Our family just enjoyed the sloppy joes!! They were amazing! Instead of the steak sauce we used sweet baby rays BBQ sauce since we didn’t have steak sauce. Love all the amazing recipes can’t wait to try more!!!

  5. Why not just use raw chicken in the tortilla soup? Would only add maybe 2 minutes to the cook time, and you wouldn't have to do it separately.

  6. Amazing fast and easy, not to mention delicious! Thank you for making me a real cook! Love these ready in 30 minutes meals, especially when family drops by. Love your New mini videos and great IP cookbook.! Thank you IP princess! 🤗❤️😍

  7. Question on the IP tortilla soup – if I wanted to use thaw chicken tenders, which cook up in the IP pretty fast (I think 4-5 minutes?) could I just put those in? Sometimes I have those on hand and I’m looking for ways to use them. Would you recommend cooking it longer and by how much?

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