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9 Signs That Youre Sensitive Intolerant To Gluten

9 Signs That Youre Sensitive Intolerant To Gluten 0:00 – intro 1:29 – gastro-intestinal tract problems 2:09 – unexplained weight changes 2:33 – unexplained …

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  1. Most of these symptoms for 15 years!.. I was in the hospital once and asked one of the drs, could I have Celiac disease? Oh no, not probably. Now I'm getting tested. My skin is driving me crazy, itching all over. Low iron I forget what else. I'm changing Drs today. I'm sure she will be glad to be rid of me, and I will be glad to be rid of another Dr who said they would help me and did not.

  2. Since celiac disease is a auto immune disease , can we take covid vaccine….I have heard, those who have auto immune disease must not take covid vaccine.

  3. Don't forget about herpetiformis dermititis.. a rash that appears on the face or the buttock area, which cause it to be commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated as shingles.
    Also, for some, even inhaling gluten particles can cause problems.

    From someone who struggled for 6 years before pinning down all of these added gluten issues…

    Best of health to you all.

  4. I realised after 3 months I'm gluten intolerant I don't need a doctor I have a brain & kept track of what I ate. so now I am living gluten free and saying good bye to bloating with pain feeling as if 6 knifes are in my stomach, vomitting accidentally because my body rejects gluten ! Dining out has actually become easier thanks to the modern world & slowly learning to cook and shop gluten free.

  5. Hence the key word here GLUE. I argued with my Doctor over this as I thought I had Celiac disease.,my teeth were always SORE and my dentist blamed me for not looking after my teeth., I brushed every day by the way. My vision was blurry. I HAD headaches. This went on for years, until I got flipping MAD and demanded testing be done. Turns out I'm GLUTEN sensitive. HOORAY I FINALLY HAD AN ANSWER. NOW I TRY TO AVOID FOODS WITH GLUTEN, WHICH IS PRETTY HARD, BUT FEELING MUCH BETTER THESE DAYS. ALSO MY DENTIST APOLOGIZED TO ME. WHICH MADE ME FEEL BETTER CAUSE FOR A TIME I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING COO COO.

  6. Well I know I’m lactose intolerant now I’m starting to think that I’m gluten intolerant too because I have half of these
    Plus any time I eat fried chicken when I go out my stomach hurts so bad

  7. no matter what i ate, it had trace amounts of gluten and it would become exceedingly difficult to breathe so finally after about a year my mom had me go to the doctors. a couple tests later, a doc told us i had a gluten intolerance (we didn’t even know what the term gluten was)… that was 6-8 years ago…. i still eat gluten. the longest i’ve gone without eating gluten was around 1.5yrs. each time i’d begin eating gluten again after quitting, i’d have different reactions. so now i kinda just risk it anyways bc some foods are just too good to pass up on even with gluten free substitutes available

  8. for godsake am gluten intolerant and was very ill; did you know 89% of the WORLD POPULATION is gluten intolerant and 90% lactose intolerant and we still sell this crap and in there lives will become sick of it : from my experience is would say these things :nr1= when you eat something reflux or allot of stomach acid , nr 2 : burning in your stomach&gut and even your anus nr3 very slow digestion then nr 4 uncomplete digestion nr 5 ulcers in the stomach and ulcers on the skin and your organs nr6 very tired and it feels you just lifted 2500 kg all day long and want to go to bed nr 6 diarea nr 7 problems with your bloodsugar nr 8 weight loss or weight gained nr 9 problems to sleep due to pain in stomach and intestines all night nr 10 head aches nr 11 low immune system due to your body fighting this poisson all day long .nr 11 liver issues ; symptoms of liver in distress. nr 12 bloating nr extremly nausea .nr 13 inflamation all over the body, from bones to 14 sever gass problems in the stomach and farting NOW THIS IS PRETTY IMPORTANT : IN 1973 A GUY CHANGED THE WHEAT INTO HAVING 6 X TIMES MORE PESTICIDES ,this wheat we are using now all over the world, montsanto is getting rich at the cost of our health because they sell pesticides and help to create this wheat .may love b eour guide not greed, love to all that is

  9. I’ve suspected I have celiac disease for years. I have a constant discomfort behind the bottom of my left rib cage and it ranges from a localized sense of pressure bulging outward from within and that makes me feel as though I need to apply pressure down onto the area from the outside and the rest of the time is just a minor sense of light pressure pushing on the bottom left rib. I have felt this there since I was about 18 years old and it’s getting worse as I get older. I also have skin sensitivity, little Red bumps on the back and side of my arms and legs, frequent fatigue and diarrhea

  10. It can be unhelpful confusing gluten intolerance and celiac disease, making it harder for celiacs to navigate the world and prevent cross-contamination. Here in the UK at least, ‘gluten intolerance’ is generally used to refer to a milder, non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Since the two are often lumped together the gravity of cross-contamination is diminished and a lot of ‘gluten free’ establishments aren’t suitable for celiacs. 🙁 💔

  11. I've recently had tests done and I'm not celiac even though I carry the gene for it, but dr said i may be gluten and lactose intolerant, (,I used to vomit and have diarrhoea after gluten mixed with dairy) since stopping gluten and going lactose free I feel less fatigued, no more dizzy spells, no migraines, no more IBS symptoms. Best thing I've done should've done it 20 years ago when this all started.

  12. me: has adhd bad teeth skin andd nail problems depression anxiety and pmdd pms flutuating weight gain and losses.
    also me: nnnnnnaaaaaahhh none of this applies to me 👌😎
    ……*internal screaming*(❁´◡`❁)

  13. Just figured out wheat causes issues. I don't know if gluten or just wheat. But I get sick and massive migraines when I eat a little too much wheat. I can eat rice perfectly fine.

  14. I cut out gluten from my diet mostly and I noticed less skin rashing and the migraines gone. It was the migraines that really got me to figure out what was going on because I'd be at work and my head would throb so bad I'd almost puke. Sometimes I'd get all pale. It was too much honestly it felt like a bad hangover that would go away. Also hearing how it can damage your intestines was not something I want to have to deal with. Being nutrient deprived is not something I want to have to deal with how could you function normally? If you think you are intolerant try changing your diet unfortunately some of the foods are bland.

  15. For years I’ve been randomly getting itchy from my scalp to the bottom of my feet. EVERYWHERE. this has kept me up at night scratching myself. I went awhile without an issue bc I was staying away from bread, but I ate a cupcake the other day and the itching came back. I’m gonna get tested for celiac ASAP

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