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A Full Day Of Eating ft My Huge Lockdown Appetite | Vegan 🥑🌿

that texture was beyond.. OPEN FOR IMPORTANT INFO: My Nut Butter Hoody Collection: (show me how you rock them!) …

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  1. "We need love"
    No…no, I don't. Everyone, please go back inside. Please, leave me alone. You all weary me. I have never missed anything like I miss Social Distancing! It was beautiful.

  2. Ooo. I never thought to roast beans 🙂 will have to try that.
    Hope you’re feeling better mentally and emotionally this week. Thanks for keeping it real. I hope you get to hug Aslan again soon!

  3. man I feel the same about being forced to be alone. I'm super introverted but I dearly miss the occasional beer with friends. I'm going stir crazy over here!

  4. Finally got my brother watching your stuff he's got the same big appetite and I know your meals will satisfy him!
    I just started a Youtube channel full of vegan content! Recipes, challenges, reviews and more! It would be a lot if you checked it out! 💛

  5. Miles I literally love your channel. You are really helpful for me as I am healing from a history of eating disorder stuff. I became very obsessive and it took over my life on and off. I am pescetarian (sorry not vegan .. I need my omega 3), want to feel good about food and you're seriously helping me heal in my relationship with food. 🙌🏻🔥

  6. i never felt the need to touch other people unless its sexual….the only feelings touching provokes in me are sexual….i dont get the enjoyment of touching friends or relatives…or hugging…..and please dont get high ..or get high if you want to but dont make it sound cool …its not cool

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