trying to eat healthier in 2020? try some salad , use different dressings and make it even more healthy, here is aidens video …

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  1. Mercy ! That looks s-o-o-o good ! Fine Job flipping that quesadilla Aiden ! Giggle bloopers are the best ! hahahaha. We do chicken quesadillas too sometimes we use part of a taco seasoning packet to season the meat.

  2. You two are hilarious together…Great to see. Aiden is a good kid and you are setting a good example for him. Really enjoyed this video. May seen you in March .. long drive for us, 1,400 miles one-way from Maryland.

  3. Chicken bacon ranch quesadilla looks good. I love em. More bacon is always better.
    Nice salad too. More bacon 😁 I like a good chef, antipasto or grilled chicken chef salad.
    Nice job on the flip Aiden 👍
    🤣 @ the bloopers. Take 30 😁
    God bless you all

  4. Hi Guys, This was such a nice vedio. Food was healthy, you all came together to cook and eat together. Next time it would be nice if you all SAT DOWN to eat. LOL. Bloopers were a GAS.
    Praying for you guys. G-D BLESS.
    P.S. Ashley, Loved the way you imatated Vincent. Gooood Grub Oh Mighty. HA, HA, HA,

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