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A Quick Spaghetti Meat Sauce, Simple, Fast and Tastes Great!

This recipe is so good and easy without having to use a jar of pasta sauce! Diced tomatoes and Crushed tomatoes should always be a staple for your pantry.

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  1. Hey Tammy – Greetings from Atlanta. This is exactly like my Mama made spaghetti and I still do – except the sugar. I'll have to try that. Looks interesting.

  2. I have that same tool. A ground beef chopper . It is on amazon. I didn’t get from pampered chef although I’m sure the Pampered Chef tool is of good quality, mine was less than $10. I think a lot $8

  3. Tammy, my husband wouldn’t eat spaghetti, chili, stew, etc., any tomato based meal, he didn’t like the tanginess…until I started adding a little sugar. I didn’t know other folks added sugar to their savory foods. Your spaghetti looks perfectly delicious, specially with those tiny tomatoes. I also add a tiny tad bit of sugar in my green beans, corn, and carrots. Thank for the tip of removing the grease with a paper towel, that’s less of a hassle. The all disappearing scrapper, glad you found it, life’s much easier now 😁

  4. Please take the tops off those open cans before throwing in the garbage. Animals (dogs) can get their tongues caught in the can with that lid still hanging on there ( I have seen it happen). I know your dogs won't get hold of those cans, but animals at the dump can.

  5. Looks great. Such an easy yet delicious rec iui epe. Try adding half a stick of butter ( or whole) It cuts the acidity and adds richness without changing the flavor.

  6. So I’m a newbie with your channel. I read how it was growing up in Georgia for you, and gosh it’s so like mine growing up in Nebraska. Only grocery shopping was on a Saturday along with catechism and hair washing day for church the next day. That’s when conditioner was called “creme rinse”. I learned everything from my mom,too. A simple way of cooking but a great cook. In fact a friend of mine said I cook like I lived the depression!!! 😂
    Really have enjoyed your channel.

  7. I'd have to add mushrooms cuz my 5 year old daughter loves mushrooms but only in sketti. She doesn't like them in anything else. Looks delicious.

  8. That looks delicious! I love spaghetti. It is about 11:30 pm, I am not hungry, but I would love some of your spaghetti right now! Looks sooo good! I wish I knew how my mom made homemade sauce. She made it different than any I have ever seen. She hardly ever made it and neither my sister or I ever got her recipe. 🙁

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