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A rare recipe for Beef STOMACH Cutlets! The delicacy of the Ancestors

This is a very rare recipe for cooking cutlets from beef stomach. Our ancestors cooked it constantly and we do not break this …

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  1. i watch your excellent cooking i wish you would explain the recipe and talk about what your cooking in english, i admire you greatly always feeding the village children,i wish i could meet you and shake your hand your a champion fellow, congratulations

  2. Man, prepping cow stomach seems like it takes fooooorever. I'm a southern American and love tripe, every way I've tried it, but wow, the prep seems like it takes so long. Although, I think tripas from the store is already processed? I wouldn't know, never cooked it, but I really want to. I'm the only one in my family that likes to eat liver, gizzards, hearts, stomach, etc., so it'd be all for me, and I don't mind that.

  3. Que comidas más rica que hace, en realidad todo lo que hace ,se ve una delicia. Me dió una buena idea para preparar mondongo …. Nosotros en argentina le llamamos mondongo. ME ENCANTA TODO LO QUE HACE. TAMBIEN ME GUSTA COMO QUIERE A LOS PERROS Y MUCHO MAS ME GUSTA MIKI SIEMPRE ACOMPAÑANDOLO. Y COMO LE DA DE COMER ES GENIAL. AMO SU FORMA DE HACER LAS COSAS Y EL PAISAJE QUE ES BELLÍSIMO. UN BESO Y UN ABRAZO A LA DISTANCIA. QUE SIGA COCINANDO TAN RICO COMO SE VE… ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. My favourite beef stomach dish benefits to eat it is to clean thaa stomach ……..and the views is like a jannat ….but parheps this views is not in my destiny to see it

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