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a very chaotic vegan grocery haul

We shopped at Costco and Coven in Hamilton 🙂 ☙ SUBSCRIBE ❧ to The Viet Vegan for new videos every Wed and Sat! ♥ ♡ Thanks for …

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  1. I've been meaning to tell you that I bought the Derma E Eczema Cream on your rec, and then didn't try it for many months, because I was using up other stuff, but since I've switched, my hands have been so much better! I ordered another jar, and I was worried because they've changed the formula- but I love the new version also. Thank you so much! My hands were getting ridiculous with stress/winter, but now they are totally under control. I really appreciate you!

  2. I actually want all the grocery hauls to be this level of chaotic, please and thank you 🙏🏽. Haha but on a serious note, have you ever cooked banana blossom? I’ve seen some recipes using it as a fish substitute and wondered if you’ve ever cooked with it?

  3. Also, that pellegrino is delicious!! I love those seltzers.

    Tip: the iChoc brand of chocolate from EU is vegan, and the outer wrap is recyclable paper. Tastiest "milk" chocolate I've found so far. I get mine through London Drugs.

  4. I like the Riviera little pots. I've tried getting the tubs a few times, and three of the last four I've gotten have had big mold spots on the top right when I open them way before they're due. Not sure if it's a local problem (tried three different stores), or a shipping problem, but I'm not feeling so good about their company rn.

  5. Hey Lisa! another woman run, Toronto based, ready to eat food that Coven carries would be Situs Kitchen. My favourites are Everything cheese pies, and pot pie, they've been making it easier for me when i'm having a particularly lazier day. I love sausage parties hot dogs!!!!

  6. I have to hit the grocery store tomorrow morning before the Second Shit Ton of Snow hits. My haul won't be as much fun ( I really need cat litter since my "lion king" won't set paws outside) but will stock the fridge/pantry for awhile. I will add some snacky snacks for giggles…..and I am nosey seeing what other people buy….

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