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A week of meals🏠 | Japanese

Just as I thought, Shin ramen and kimchi are super hot (°_°) Thank you so much for watching as always ——[ My Instagram account ] …

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  1. Thank you so much for the silver play button (≧∀≦) I still don’t know where to put it up in my place〜 but thank you〜!!
    Have a good day, have a good night⭐︎⭐︎

  2. Once I’ve made hunbentos for my husband’s colleagues,,, .now they just love then… so next week I have to cook 8 of them because they feel like I’m doing each one of them individually and they love feeling special … That’s cute 🥰 I wish I could find more Japanese dishes in France. Thank you for all the ideas and making all my men happy 😘😘 YOU are making so many French men happy, the olive oil there’re making will taste so much better thanks to you Imamu 😘

  3. I just want to point out since it was rather funny, but your tartar sauce with no egg actually has egg. Mayo is made of egg, oil and salt. Lol. 😆 But at least I now know how to make tartar sauce so thank you! 😆👍

  4. Imamu my toddler just loooooooves watching your videos, especially the "baby eggs" (quail) its always so fun to watch you cook and even eat…dinner time he says "awwwwwwww baby" he is so silly

  5. I like to watch this channel when I’m having a hard time eating or feeling my appetite. It always helps me to feel inspired to at least cook something and to eat. I love how relatable it is

  6. Never had a mom and my father was too busy at times to cook or eat together, this is very lovely to watch! Thank you so much for making my mouth water and my heart to melt! You are a role model and an idol!

  7. 11:50 saw octopus sausages in the thumbnail! I was very much interested to know how it's made after I recently saw it in kaguya sama- love is war. Shirogane kaichou bringing octopus sausages in bento ☺

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