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A Week of Vegan Breakfasts during Online School

Hi and welcome back to another one of those what i eat in a week videos; today: breakfast edition. All of these recipes are super easy to make, good tasting and …

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  1. 5:10 i know your feeling i was same you before one week and now i finally have hoilday so it's gone be fine just wish you the best

    thanks for your Amazing recpies as always it's really give us happyens please keep going

  2. Mina: here are 7 different meals I had for breakfast this week
    Me: is having the same breakfast everyday 🤷‍♀️ Anyone else??
    This inspires me to switch it up tho haha

  3. Watching this made me realize even more how big my sweet tooth is because I only eat savory breakfasts about once a week, the hummus lentil toast and lentil wrap looks so good but would definitely be a lunch for me

  4. Oh my gosh same when you talked about university emails!!! I literally was getting anxiety to go on my emails and see what my professors were sending😭

  5. I didn't know you were still studying, I appreciate that you share your feelings about college between the recipes because I feel overwhelmed too 🙁 and I need to try the wrap!

  6. I've got an idea for a video! Maybe top 5 of your favorite vegan meals and recipes for them? I think it would be really interesting…
    Also, loved this one, I'll definitely make some of these recipes

  7. I usually despise polenta, but maybe I'll give it another try! 😀 I'm happy to see that there are other people out there who like their breakfast to have a lot of fiber, I always make sure to have enough of it in the morning. I recently learned that fiber is vital for your gut bacteria, I always knew it was important for gut health, but didn't know the little monsters feasted on it 😀

  8. deine videos sind immer sehr dunkel. vielleicht könntest du sie allgemein aufhellen und evtl. zusätzlich beim filmen noch mit einer beleuchtung des gefilmten (also dem essen) arbeiten.

  9. ok so i've already tried a lot of smoothie bowls but this one really is a lifechanger to me. idk what it is tbh but this one tends to be the perfect ensemble in terms of combination, proportions and consistency. didn't expected to dig this simple recipe so much but it is for sure one of my All time favs now 🙂

  10. Your "quick" breakfasts are the kind of breakfast I have when I happen to have time to make something that is not oatmeal, and wake up feeling like putting a little bit of effort into my breakfast…

  11. Your videos are always so good. Really helps me chill out and I also love your recipes. Keep up the great content and I hope you don't worry too much about your uni work 🙂

  12. Könntest du vielleicht mal ein Hummus video machen? 🙂 Ich habe schon öfters versucht ihn selber zu machen, aber er hat einfach nie so gut geschmeckt wie gekauft

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