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a week of vegan breakfasts | easy & delicious recipes 🌱

FAQ: – what diet do you eat? i am vegan! – what equipment do you use? canon 90d with 10-18mm lens or 18-55mm lens and rode videomic pro – how do you …

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  1. I love how you make things from scratch! Most people use pre-made vegan eggs and meat which are so full of chemicals so I love that you make them yourself! So inspiring xox

  2. After watching your video I really wanted try your salad recipe, it looked so good! So I tried it today with a few modifications (instead of cashew cream I used tahini and I didn't fry up the pumpkin seeds for laziness lol ) and it was pretty good! I'm definitely gonna try it again!
    Although I'm not vegan I really love your recipes and your relationship with food! I am currently trying hard to change my mindset around food because I have an ed. You are really an inspiration for me and someday I will have a healthy relationship with food like you do! Thank you for always posting so wonderful and inspiring videos! Lots of love <3

  3. Loving your hairstyle in this one! I just recently chopped like 6 inches off and just noticed it’s now around your length but I’m struggling with how to do cute styles that aren’t just a ponytail lol. Would love a quick tutorial or something!

  4. Wow! The crepes look amazing ! The combo with strawberries and chocolate sauce is so heavenly😍😍 also.. that rice paper bacon looks so yummy I guess I really have to give it a try !!

    You're recipes are always so aesthetically pleasing, look super yummy and there's always something new in these videos where I'm like.. "Oh gosh, I have to try that! This looks so bomb"

    Thank you for all your hard work on these videos Amanda 💕🌼 I love watching these

  5. Hi Amanda! Your backdrop for the food photography is just lovely. What is it that you are using? I use squarespace myself since 3 years back and enjoy it! I also use it to post my own vegan recipes! 💚😄 I really appreciate that you actually use squarespace yourself to host your website. I have seen many people doing ads for squarespace lately and then they are not even using it themselves. Gives me a very unserious feeling for what company they choose to work with. 🤨

  6. I am not looking for new breakfast options (I am totally a creature of habit) BUT I am sure I will be trying some of these recipes for other meals as they seem incredibly tasty! I am super happy you decided to share these ideas with us!
    As always, lots of love Amanda!
    Stay safe and have a beautiful day or night!

  7. Everytime she says "I hope you've been keeping very well", I feel like vegetables in the vegetable drawer, that's been waiting for her to use me. Then the day arrives. She opens the drawer, looks at me, and asks "I hope you've been keeping very well"………is that weird? Probably. But I'm ok with that?

  8. I just love Amanda. Not only is the food absolutely delicious. But the entire video, the production and editing is all so professional! Ugh she is just the best! Love her!
    That eggy bake reminds me of a quiche/ frittata definitely gonna try it out and that baked oats combo sounds delicious! Those muffins yum.
    Hope everyone reading this is doing well and thriving today. Sending love and light💖

  9. Hi Amanda, just a typ if you want your dishes to look aesthetically good, make smaller portions, thats what they do in fancy restaurants. You can add the rest later

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