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Addictive Vegan Snack Ideas! (healthy, easy)

Hi there! Here’s another installment of me making tasty, (pretty) healthy vegan treats and snacks, inspired by your suggestions! Thank you for all those amazing …

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  1. You should’ve used the type of tahini they sell in oriental shops. The runny, lighter kind. I love to put that with date syrup on my soy yoghurt and musli its insanely good! The tahini you used is prob too bitter

  2. When I’m craving sweets; cashews (or almonds) shaken in a container with a little maple syrup (or agave syrup) and cocao powder = chocolate covered nuts!

  3. My favorite sweet snack is dark chocolate with raisins and my favorite savory snack is mashed kidney beans with spices like cumin, oregano, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper and some chopped walnuts and sunflower seeds. Can be eaten on bread, rice cakes, or lettuce wraps

  4. I love chickpeas tossed in some olive oil and spices (I use salt pepper garlic powder chili powder and cayenne) baked at about 350-375F for 20-25 minutes (depending on the texture you want). I eat them hot and pretty soft. They could be good on salads bhuddah bowls or anything you think would be good.

  5. prbl not the healthiest…but what I eat on a DAILY bases is toast, with simplyV cheese (der würzige) and toxicant salsa sauce on top😍
    it is the best thing!

  6. I tried kidney wraps and they are sooo yummy 😋 actully they remind me of an Arabic recipe called “kuftah” 😋😋 but it’s not vegan so i was happy to try a vegan version of it😉

  7. Dates with tahini and bread is a staple middle eastern snack. We all love it here but our bread is very different from yours. (Also bread is necessary for this snack don't eat it without it)

  8. Мне нравится этот канал, но как же меня коробит, когда все или мимо льется или капает или проливается, это действительно отталкивает

  9. I made those peanut butter chocolate protein bars (without protein powder). They are delicious! In the beginning the dough was too wet so I had to take a little more flour.
    next time I gonna take less peanut butter and more flour because those bars are quite filling, at least for me 😋
    Thanks for that great recipe!

  10. I often have one crazy snack that I like to call „Liquid Snickers“ 😂 Just put some peanut butter on one spoon and on another spoon some vegan Nutella-like spread. Then just put the two spoons in your mouth and enjoy your „liquid snickers“ 😂 i swear, it‘s sooo delicious

  11. Here is the best vegan freezer fudge- add tahini, agave (to your preferred sweetness) and cacao powder, add to a mold/pan and sprinkle with some flaky salt ad put it in the freezer until it’s solid

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