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Air Fryer Fried Chicken | Step by Step Easy Healthy Fried chicken

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  1. Didn't thought that you can use the same batter technique for deep fry and putting it instead in an air fryer. Will definitely try your recipe today. Thanks and well done, they look delicious 👌👍

  2. I know this video is 3yrs old BUTTTT I want to take the time to say “ THANK YOU” For Wearing gloves…. Every time I watch a YouTube video or any kind of cooking shows the first thing I always say is ill they don’t even have on gloves this is probably only the third time I’ve ever seen a video or a cooking show on TV that the person was actually wearing saw thank you so very very much

  3. This is the best air fried chicken recipe I've come across! Packed full of flavours. Thanks so much for sharing this and for also writing the WHOLE recipe in the description. Much appreciated 😁

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