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Hi everyone! I hope you are all okay today? Here is another grocery haul and meal plan – this grocery shop is from Aldi and there’s a meal plan for a family of five …

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  1. Thank you so much Charlotte! I watched this early this morning and it gave me the kick up the butt I needed to go and do the food shop! 🙌🏻I hadn’t been for two weeks, I hate going but once I’m there I’m fine (although exhausted after!). My husband kept getting random bits at the shop a few times a week (he’s working) but nothing that was substantial, so I am so happy to have a full fridge again and my week or so of meals planned 😊xx

  2. Please don't feel like you have to explain yourself about treats. Your family eat so well so doesn't matter at all. (plus you can grab yourself something sweet when you feel like it, which I seem to do very often at moment) 💜

  3. I much prefer your Aldi shop rather than Tesco delivery as at the moment it’s easier to shop at Aldi. I have had the buttermilk chicken which you suggested- try the frozen flat bread pizza I would recommend the chicken and mango one I put thin sliced onion on top delicious

  4. We shop in Aldi or Tesco and £120 is pretty good for how much you got ( we can easily spend way more in Tesco but have less items) but agree I love a Tesco offer lol x

  5. Great video Charlotte. I don’t think you are missing out by not going to Tesco at the moment. They seem to have stopped doing multi buys and buy one get one free offers at the moment. Taking advantage of people not wanting to shop around I think! X

  6. What I really do not get: Why don't you plant your favorite herbs (that you buy regularly wrapped in a lot of plastic) in your garden? I have all my favourite herbs in my garden, it is so convenient to just go out there and pick some parsley or coriander. Plus they are as fresh and organic as they can be! 🤗

  7. Can I just say.. don’t ever feel the need to justify or explain yourself buying treats for your family. Heck, if your shopping was 3/4’s full of treats it’s still no one else’s concern! I know it comes naturally to mums & dad’s to ‘explain’ but it always makes me feel a bit sad that there’s that lingering thought of people potentially judging you. I’ll gladly tell them where to go if you like 😉
    If you’re ever looking for just 1 can of Guinness or 1 can or beer, your local newsagents will allow you to take a can out of a pack of 4! They’re individually priced usually as well as prices as a pack! I used to work in one years ago, it’s only around the corner from me; most do it so it’s worth a nosey. It’ll save you a bit of money, especially if you like beef & Guinness stew / pies etc! That stuff does cost a small fortune lol!
    Am I the only person who thinks Aldi’s meat sticks – knock offs of Peperamis – are really really slimey?! Omg! I was so excited to find a cheaper alternative (bit of a secret pleasure of mine hahaha!) – took one bite & couldn’t even swallow it. My father eats anything & he couldn’t eat it either. I’ve noticed a lot of kids really like them which is fab! Have you ever tried them Charlotte?! It’s so strange!! Almost like they haven’t been dried out properly!

    Loving the haul as always. I look forward to hearing your reviews on those veggie sweets! 💕 xx

  8. charlotte has uploaded a video

    Scrambles for the remote!!! Great video as always! Just so lovely. You’re doing a magnificent job of keeping everything positive, we all appreciate that right now!

  9. Do you feel like you're spending more? Our food shop is so expensive, pre lockdown my little one got fed at nursery and my husband bought his lunch at the office whereas now we are all eating at home! On top of that buying more treats too! Hope you're well xxx

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