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Aldi’s Shopping Trip + Cook With Me | GROCERY SHOPPING | 5 nights of dinners from Aldi’s

Check out our weeks worth of groceries from Aldi’s and what we made for dinner this week. Here’s recipes if you’d like to make them too! We only spent about …

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  1. I'm a new subscriber and in glad I found your channel. Can you do a video on your hair routine.I just love the length and how you style it.Have you always had bangs?I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your videos.

  2. So nice to get some great plant based recipe ideas! I'm plant based too and I make lots of plant based recipes because it's fun! Aldi's is great. I do monthly shopping too because I have lots of basic foods in my pantries and freezers that I like to use. Nice recipes and video 😊👍

  3. Thank you for the video today! I loved the meals you made, but hubby does not like beans or olives😢 so I will not be making these. I love your videos and it was great to see your hubby ❤️ Have a blessed and beautiful day today ❤️

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