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Alison Roman's Internet-Famous Chickpea Stew | NYT Cooking

Get the recipe: When you type “the stew” into Google, Alison Roman’s Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric is first result.

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  1. i made this yesterday and it was OK. My chickpeas wouldn't break down (I used non-canned chickpeas), so I blended some. I also added potatoes, peas, some garam masala and some cumin. Honestly, it was worse than any ordinary curry. I also had to write down the recipe because I can't access the NYtimes website. I do not know why many people obsess over this! It was just OK, quite bland in my opinion. The recipe felt light, despite the 2 cans coconut milk. I recommend just making a chana masala or another curry if you want to make this!
    *edit: i also halved the amount of turmeric, I used half a tbsp.

  2. I just cooked this and I'm amazed at how good it is. I was skeptical as there is not a lot of ingredients and there is a LOT of turmeric. I did it almost exactly, the only thing I changed is that I added the turmeric, all 5 teaspoons, in the beginning with the ginger and garlic and I didn't add any turmeric for garnish in the end, just parsley and lime juice. I've thrown in some pasta in the kids' dishes because they require that, and we all loved it. I suggest you go cook that right now. If you can, use freshly ground pepper as it helps the anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric to come out. Not my words but my dietitian's.

  3. This was the blandest thing I’d ever eaten till I added lime juice and a spoonful of tom yum gai paste to perk it up. It seriously needs some acid and spice.

  4. Love this woman! NYT, stop being such wimps and let her return to giving us good content! Even Chrissy Tiegen disagrees with your bogus move to suspend Alison.

  5. Give credit where credit is due…
    It is not your dish Alison Roman – it's a curry so call it a curry…
    This is like if someone was making a pesto pasta and called it "Internet-Famous Semolina Flour and Egg Noodles with Basil and Pine Nuts Sauce"

  6. She should have acknowledged the fact that these ingredients & methods are Indian from the beginning; it's arrogant and self-serving not to (is she implying that she came up with the fundamentals of this recipe herself?). She could have made up for that conspicuous absence somewhat by using Indian-American products and showing their labels, but instead, what we have are Whole Foods Amazon labels. Whole Foods Amazon–responsible for some of the worst worker exploitation in this country, responsible for gentrifying African American neighborhoods. Do better, NY Times. Live up to your own democratic ideals.

  7. As a Norwegian who loves and appreciates the exquisite gastronomies of India, Japan and the Eastern Mediterranean countries of Lebanon,Palestine etc.., I find it appalling when I watch a Norwegian, a German, a French or an American making dishes from these countries without adhering to the sophisticated traditions of their cooking styles. But what is even more laughable is that they often take full ownership of these dishes… or in the case of Lebanese dishes for example, they often have the nerves to call it Israeli food, when we all know there isn’t a thing as Israeli food considering that most Israelis come from Poland, Hungary, Russia,Germany, New York.. it has become the joke among us Scandinavians .. thinking that we in the West, have managed to colonise, occupy create and erase countries and people and with that we have to claim ownership of their traditions such as food hummus, falafel , baba ghanoush as Israeli food ..etc… And the Americans with their bullying history, criminal wars, racial violence against their own people show the example of this pathetic arrogance and ignorance . Pity the world and we should apologize to our Indian friends for misrepresenting their gastronomy.

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