In this video I’m sharing some new Amazon Travel Must Haves & Favorites for 2022. Be sure to check out all of my Amazon …

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  1. Just for health reasons, I always travel with a pillow case protector and my own pillow case. I am never really sure how clean the hotel pillows are. They slide right into my carry on if I am traveling carry on only.

  2. Hi Crystal. New subscriber here. Really enjoy your videos. I watched an earlier video and you said you live in Alabama. I assume you live in the Huntsville area (since your husband is an engineer). I live south of Birmingham. Take care.

  3. Very helpful! I've been a travel sports mom for years and always bring my hot PINK silk pillowcase to tournaments… the one time I didn't my reactive face broke out so badly 😞 Anyways, it is always a pleasure to see you! Keep up the good work, xx

  4. I have the same jewelry case only in black. I've been using the plastic thing made for earrings and they fall off. So, I will follow your advice and use them in the zipper part where I now keep pendants.

  5. These videos are great Crystal! That travel mirror as well as the hot tool cover/pad are going in my cart, ty for the great suggestions 💕happy travels!

  6. Girl, you’ve been on 🔥 lately with your videos! I’ve even gone back and watched a bunch of your older ones to make sure I haven’t missed anything! I received my bracelets today and I may have ordered a size too small – I have small wrists and ordered the S/M but maybe needed the small? What size are yours? They are beautiful though! Take care, and keep the videos coming! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 😘

  7. I am one of the ones that purchased the two pack of the clear bags the first time you talked about them. Just used one of them last week. Worked great! Thanks for all of the good suggestions! Jackie from Indiana

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