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Ananda Foods Gourmet Vegan Round Ups | May 2020 Box | Taste Test & Review

ONLY 100 BOXES!!!! A new selection every month, and this box a steal at only £13.00. See what we thought, and order your own here.

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  1. Alright, you guys convinced me! I just ordered some marshmallows and 2 wagon wheels. I really, really don't like the taste of fruit and chocolate together (although they look great), so I got the caramel one Paul wouldn't like. Funny how tastes are different… I don't think they are expensive for the quality (and it's free shipping if you get £20+ order, so reasonable for a nice, occasional treat).

  2. In America 😭😭 because I can’t stuff these in my face! They look so lush! Well, at least I can have a nice cup of tea, watch, and live vicariously through you! xx ☮️💜🌱

  3. Completely unrelated but I have the exact same cutting board. Good old Ikea! ( don't mind me, just trying to distract myself from the fact that there's no way I can get my hands on those :/ )

  4. This made my mouth dribble it did. Jason's face said it all as beloved Paul swiped up the crumbs 😆 I have to admit it looked and sounded amazing. The raspberry one would my favorite I just know it because like you I love tangy fruit me. They really looked nice and thick too, definitely worth the pennies I'd say. Nice review guys.

  5. I’d ordered even before the vlog finished 🌱🥰 you made that sound lush can’t wait Thank you xx I’ve still put a note in the box to let them know it was your recommendation ♥️

  6. Great video! l have been aware of these for ages too but still not tried! Will do now, having seen how much you guys enjoyed them! 😂. Also just wanted to point out, the sound quality is good on mobile but can't hear a thing if l was to watch on my tv, unless l turn the sound all the way up… (l watch on both) ever so strange 🤔. X

  7. OMG I’m sitting in bed and I fancied something sweet. Don’t have anything nice and then see your vlog where your stuffing your faces with yummy treats 😩 it’s just not fair. I will have to order some look lush. Great vlog and you made me smile as always. Stay safe. Peace 🧚🏻‍♀️

  8. [sigh] Watching this drooling, and honestly not giving a tinker's dam which flavor is which, because I am vicariously enjoying this through you! TFP : )

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