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ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS | what I eat every week

These are the anti-inflammatory foods I eat every week to reduce inflammation in my body. An anti-inflammatory diet can help with reducing joint pain and …

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  1. I'm back!!! Sorry for the long break as I've had lots of work travel over the last month. I hope you enjoy this new video and all the gems of knowledge on healthy, anti-inflammatory foods. Do you eat all of these foods? Which are your favorites? xo – Lisa

  2. that food looks soo good. Ive been gluten free to battle non CELIAC gluten intolerance for a year. I started feeling much better eating whole gf foods( lower inflammation in the joints, less migrains, no canker sores, less brain fog and decreased liver pain. I started feeling soo good that I forgot I have immune issues and started eating processed gluten food again. MISTAKE! Wasn't long before I felt sick with a migraine,nausia,depression,anxiety,inflammation and increased liver pain. This is for life and feeling miserable all day is not cool. BACK TO MAKING SMART FOOD CHOICES

  3. I am so glad I found your YouTube channel. My daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto and Celiac eight months ago. I hope your lifestyle and recipes will help us get through this new chapter of our life. Thank you ❤️

  4. I’m so glad that I’ve found your channel. You are amazing ,everything is so well explained . I’m in the process of healing my body from uterine fibroids ,eating all organic and veggies and sometimes fish . Non dairy Products at all because it is one of the causes of the growth of fibroids .is good to have a channel like yours that I can actually see healthy recipes . Thanks a lot . God bless xx

  5. I came here skeptical and now I’m feeling really inspired it’s so beautiful when you see a woman cook clean I’ve been told by my parents to go to Mexico to find me a girl that cooks I guess ima have to show them this video lol please women stay in the kitchen and be nurturing like you was made to do it for your self, kids and husband health and let the man work

  6. I'm healing from gastritis right now and learning so much thanks to people like you on YouTube. I have tried eggs and avocado and I don't think I'm healed enough yet to eat them bc I got symptoms after eating those. Can't wait till I can eat them again 🙂

  7. Inflammation is recognized by pain, swelling, redness and heat around the affected area. There are different options to treat inflammation. One is medicines, which so far hasn't been most successful because it doesn't really cure the problem. The other option is the natural way, from where our body originates from; our body been made by nature and gets its natural products from nature. This means selecting the food that your body needs, because shortfalls of some ingredients most likely caused the illness in the first place. It is also understood our body can react different to foods, because some foods being metabolized different to others. What that means, as in inflammation some foods can have a positive or a negative result. Here are some of the natural anti inflammatory foods; if selected correctly they will make that difference in healing.

    ✩ Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods

    Vegetables and fruits: Vegetables and fruits of green and bright colour help the process of inflammatory conditions. Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants such as vitamins, minerals, fibre which the body needs every day to stay healthy. There are many varieties, per example, squash, sweet potatoes, avocados, beans, lentils, dark green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables. All of these have many antioxidants, phytochemicals and anti inflammatory properties present.

    ✩ Important Fats

    Also rich in anti inflammatory foods are olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, sardines, and avocados. All of them contain omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for inflammation and joint health. The acid from omega 3 is an inflammatory agent that changes into prostaglandins which is a hormone like substance. Omega 3 is not only beneficial for joint pain and inflammation, it is also important for health in general. We only can get omega from our diet, therefore it is important to include some of the healthy oils such olive, coconut, macadamia and krill, which is stronger than fish oil. There are many options of foods available which contain a variety of omega.

    ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ More details:

    👉 Search: Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods (Best List) Anti Aging – Cells Renew _______

  8. I don't know how I stumbled on your video but thought I'd let you know there are some of us exceptions out there. I had known for many years that I was allergic to any NSAID, (read aspirin, advil), but no-one clued in to tell me that the anti-inflammatory properties in fruits and veggies come from salicylates. Again read aspirin. Therefore as I got older, had some injuries and more and more pain, we did our best to eat "healthier". My reaction to salicylates is to have my lungs fill with fluid and get inflamed and trigger worse asthma. I was getting sicker and sicker. Then, my husband was away one week and I didn't bother with the healthy. I started breathing easier. It took some time to sort out what I could eat, but after 6 months I was breathing amazingly well. Sorry for going on and on but wanted to make you aware some of us cant eat the leafy greens. I really miss salads.

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  10. If you have auto immune issues (we all have 'em to an extent), you should really re-consider veggie heavy diets. Vegetables are great for our health, but always remember they are packed with certain types of lectins and some anti-nutrients.

  11. My first time eating avocado I could not take the texture or the taste. It's like when you eat a hot food and you try to spit it out, but you can't. It tasted so disgusting. If it's in sushi I can handle it, but other than that I can't. Pineapples I can't handle all.

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