Appetizers | FRIED ASPARAGUS | How To Feed a Loon

LINK TO COMPLETE RECIPE BELOW: There are so many ways to prepare fresh asparagus, and this deep-fried version is addictively delicious! And easy to …

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  1. You need to get sponsored. The Fryer.-Le Creuset whatever you use in the kitchen. From Jersey,followed you all on and off until I saw Somethang. Wedding was amazing and laughed,cried with a happy heart. Yes I almost settled in TX years ago. The asparagus looks fabulous, and for me a lemon francese dip is happening next week. Ranch so rocks too. You need to double the viewers! Wake up people follow! Love you both. You are sincere, genuine, and deserving of 1 million followers. Even half mil.
    aint shabby. Support and subscribe

  2. This looks delicious. I just showed my mother this and she'd like to try it. New project! Thanks guys so much. You're always so fun, sweet, entertaining and make excellent food.

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