Apps That ACTUALLY Make the iPad Pro Worth It 2021

THE APPS: // A few previously mentioned favorites: – MindNode – Numerics – Ferrite Pro – EndlessPaper – Taskheat // Rapidfire list of bonus apps: – Not Boring …

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  1. This video looks like an advertisement of expensive apps with subscription plans, which become trash if you don't subscribe

  2. I only have 5 things I use my iPad Pro for. Email with Spark, Notes with Notability, Remote to my Windows Desktop with Jump Desktop, Mobile gaming, and Media Streaming. The people that have adopted an iPad only lifestyle for work and play are a different breed lol. I just cant do it. lol

  3. Bro it took 5 minutes before getting into the meat and ‘tators of this vid! The app selection was good but just my two cents, this is contructive criticism!

  4. another app to use that somewhat gives you the ability that the web browser apps give you is MICROSOFT EDGE web browser and you can use the COLLECTIONS feature to store websites you want to revisit

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