ASMR Chocolate Desserts, Mousse Cakes & Macarons *No Talking Eating Sounds| N.E ASMR

Hi Fam!! These Chocolate desserts are from Le Doux Ciel cafe, in Vancouver They are one of the best cakes in town! Enjoy and THANK YOU for watching!! xoxo …

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  1. Hi Fam~

    Home sweet home! We are safe back at home now 🙂 Thank you for all your concerns and the well wishes lately! We are safe 😊
    Everyone please take care of your self!
    KEEP calm, wash your hands and Don't Panic!!
    Love you guys!!❤️

  2. I mean.. Yeah this video is cool or whatever. But not the drinking part. It almost seems like they're overreacting how they swallow. I know aight that this is an ASMR, but like just dont exaggerate. No hard feelings

  3. Omgahh i LOOOOVE all your mousse cake videos!!! I love the fruit flavored ones for some reason.. and i want to try it one sooooo bad😂😍 love your channel all the way from Italy😍😍😍

  4. Love your videos, but it would be nice to see more variety, you eat mousse cakes every few videos which is quite a lot. As well as noodles. I don’t mean this as a hate comment at all xo

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