ASMR | Reading Appetizer Recipes w/Pointer (Soft Spoken)

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  1. My mom has a very similar recipe that she calls “redneck caviar”. It’s delicious. She uses kidney beans instead of black eyed peas and a couple other things.

  2. I've been watching you for a year now and you seem like such a nice, sweet, and caring person, you seem to enjoy every moment in life and just have fun
    keep up the amazing and relaxing videos!

  3. My sister worked for some years at a local church. The church had assembled a bunch of recipes in the 1950s and continued to print the booklet for decades, so I ended up with one. The recipes varied quite a bit, some with almost no instructions and some with extensive ones. The Salad section was huge, and of those, a full seventeen of them featured gelatin, either plain or flavored Jello.

  4. Perhaps its me, but it feels like the folks that make some of these recipies are afraid of flavor. Add some garlic, chilli powder, something ? Honey, it aint gonna bite ya.🤣🤣🤣 ps this is EVERY THING! I love you! Keep your videos coming!

  5. Hi Mary, I’m expecting my first and absolutely being beaten down by nauseous, heartburn, and hormones this first trimester. Your videos are the only thing I can stand when I start feeling gross again. I can actually sleep for a couple hours before I’m up again! Thank you!! I’d probably snap if I didn’t have your videos!

  6. Yay! Pointer video! 😄 I can’t explain why I love them so much. (Also your library book videos) Thanks for always giving us wonderful content. 💕

  7. Mary, I usually have nerve and body pain that can be pretty difficult to deal with, but you always manage to distract me from it. That's pretty amazing. Thanks for putting so much effort into making videos for us. 🥰

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